Notice of AGM 2020/2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Barbados Cruising Club will take place on Friday, 27th November 2020, at 6:30pm at the Barbados Cruising Club.


1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes of 2019 AGM

3. Commodore’s Report.

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. Proposed Constitutional Amendments (Below)

6. Election of Officers.

Rules for AGM participation: There will only be one entrance to the meeting at which point membership status will be verified and temperature checks conducted. Please arrive no later than 6pm. All members must bring their membership card and wear a mask during the meeting. All members must be respectful in conduct and speech. Please forego the meeting if you have a fever, feel unwell, have a cough, loss of taste or smell or rash.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

1. To change the Financial Year from 1st October to 30th September TO 1st November to 31st October.

2. To replace Paragraph 9 in the existing constitution with the following:

Cessation of Membership:

A member shall cease to be a member of the Club upon resignation or death or expulsion from the Club:

1. Expulsion or Suspension: The Committee May by a majority vote may expel or suspend from membership any member whose conduct either on the Club premises or elsewhere, has in the opinion of the committee has been injurious to the interests or good order of the Club, or who wilfully violates or neglects the observance of any of the rules or regulations of the Club.

2. Notice and opportunity to be heard: No member will be expelled or suspended for that conduct, violation or neglect without first being notified of the charges against that member at least 7 days before the Committee meeting and being given an opportunity to be heard by the committee.

3. Expulsion: A person who is expelled from the membership ceases to have any of the rights and privileges of Club membership, forfeits all rights or claims in or to the Club’s property and funds and will not be admitted to the Club or any function of the Club as a guest of any member or otherwise, from the date on which the committee expels that person.

4. Suspension: A member who is suspended may not enjoy any of the rights and privileges of the Club membership and will not be admitted to the Club or any function of the Club as a guest of any member or otherwise from the date upon which he/she is notified of his suspension until the date of his reinstatement expressed in that notice.

5. Upon Cessation of membership property that remains at the Club for more than 30 days shall be sold or disposed of at the Club’s discretion. Any proceeds from sale of property less relevant costs shall be refunded to the ex-member (or their estate) on cessation of Membership.

The Management Committee