With the number of shore side activities that we get involved in at the Club, you’d be forgiven if you thought that members didn’t have time to get a little sailing in… but of course you’d be wrong!  241Photos from the early days of the Cruising Club show that 50 years ago we had nothing like the silky sandy beach we have now  lapping at our door, but we have always been first and foremost a sailing club …with a fair bit of socializing thrown in.

Our mandate has always been “sailing for all” and we constantly strive to get as many of our members, and as many Barbadians and visitors out on the warm, clear tropical waters of our south and west coasts as we can. There is always someone planning a sail from the club. Our weekend day trip cruises are normally lead by our Commodore or Captain, with details posted on facebook or twitter. There’s always room for ‘one more’ aboard the boats, so just grab your cooler and head on down to the club. Better still, launch your own boat, or sail in a club dinghy to create a Cruising Club flotilla.

The club owns a number of sailing dinghies all of which are available for members to use after passing a short safety test. If you’re a competent sailor 2820there’s nothing to stop you getting back on the water. If you’re new to sailing there really isn’t a better place to learn than Carlisle Bay with its sheltered clear waters and experts on hand to guide you. Come and join us on one of our regular ‘toe in the water’ days. You’ll get wet, that goes without saying, but an expert skipper will take you for a spin round the bay. We know you’ll catch the “sailing bug”.

We are the “Cruising” Club, but our members enjoy racing too! The Club holds a regular sailing programme and members are welcome to use the club lasers in those and other local sailing events. The club is host to the annual Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race. Billed as “Barbados’ ultimate sailing challenge”, it’s a race like no other in the world, a 75 year plus tradition which began with trading schooners, now a fixture on the worldwide yachting calendar.

Whether you’re local to Barbados, a prospective visitor, a racer, or a total novice, we hope these Sailing pages will hold something of interest to you.