Membership Rates

We deliberately keep our membership rates as low as possible. We want to encourage people to join the club and get involved. Our current schedule is shown below.

ONE YEARFamily  $600Single   $450
SIX MONTHSFamily  $450Single   $350
THREE MONTHSFamily  $300Single   $250


  • Boat and trailer storage is subject to space availability. Please discuss your requirements with our Commodore or Captain in advance.
  • Boards/Kayaks and Boats:  As stated in the BCC Boat Policy
  • Family membership includes your partner or spouse, and any dependent children under the age of 18. Children over the age of 18 are not included within family membership
  • Student membership requires proof of full time continuing education, if the applicant is over the age of 18.
  • The current BCC Boat Policy may be found in the archive section of the website – here

The Membership Year

5631The Barbados Cruising Club operates a membership year that runs November 1st to October 31st each year. All memberships are subject to renewal on November 1st. For any new members joining during the course of the year we of course discount the renewal fee, to take into account the months that have been paid for, but remaining “unused” during the annual membership. Please contact our Membership Secretary, if you have any queries.That’s it! Time to consider downloading our membership form, and joining the fun at the Barbados Cruising Club.