Barbados Cruising Club 2019/20 Committee and Directors

Annual General Meeting Monday 25th November, 2019

38 members attended the Annual General Meeting. This is a small proportion of the overall membership but is hard to get together people on a rainy weekday night with enough enthusiasm to have a say in how the club is run.  It was gratifying to see some of our longest standing and newest members coming to participate turning up to support the club and have their say.  Those who came made it clear that they care passionately about our club which was great to see. 

After calling the meeting to order and having the minutes from the previous year approved, Commodore Rose gave her report.  She reported a year of great changes.  The management structure of the club has changed considerably with paid staffers making things happen rather than simply relying on volunteer help.  Whilst all the partners are now contributing by paying rent only Dippers has a fully signed memorandum of understanding and that has not been reviewed in 10 years.  It was agreed by all parties that 2020 should be the year when all the partners have up to date signed agreements with the club in order to go forward in a positive way.

The Commodore presented the financial statement which was very comprehensive.  There was as much discussion about the previous year’s accounts, which had been reconstructed,  as there was about the current one.  Whilst the club has spent more on wages it has seen an increase in income from rent and from day memberships.  Since the new staff have only been on service for 3 months the full effect of this change remains to be seen. Commodore Rose was upbeat explaining that if the increase in income seen in the last 3 months could be extrapolated for the whole year we will all be very happy in 2021.

The relationship with the landlord remains unresolved but there are grounds for optimism that a long term agreement can be reached.  There are at present no moves to evict the club.

The members thanked the outgoing committee who are all volunteers after all before electing a new committee.

Director Bryn Palmer oversaw the election of officers the results of which are as follows:

Commodore: Dr RoseAnn Blenman Abange
Vice Commodore: Mr Chris Worme
Treasurer: Dr Mike Krimholtz
Membership Secretary: Mr Bart Simms
Committee Secretary: Mr Jacob Binema
Sailing Captain: Mr James Austin