A Fresh Start, a New Beginning

The Cruising Club’s November AGM resulted in the election of an energetic new Committee that has the expertise and spirit to power the Club in the direction of unity and enhanced membership experience.

New Committee
(From left) Let’s welcome Sail Captain, Wayne Gonsalves; Treasurer, Jules Vastert; Commodore Peter Griffith, OBE; Vice-Commodore Dr. Stephen Moe; Membership Secretary Penelope Hynam, Recording Secretary Lauren Kierulf, Non-Executive Member Bruce Taylor. We also applaud the new Non-Executive Member who is not pictured here: Robin Birchall.

Our new team is eager to re-unite all the Club’s members and activities on a transparent and professional basis in accordance with its Constitution and by-laws, so that all our members and partners can enjoy what’s on offer.Got a question or suggestion? Want to get involved?

Here’s how to contact your Committee members.
Peter Griffith, OBE [email protected]
Dr. Stephen Moe [email protected]
Penny Hynam [email protected]
Wayne Gonsalves [email protected]
Lauren Kierulf [email protected]
Jules Vastert [email protected]

And here are the chairpersons of the other Committees you can get involved with:
Peter Griffith, OBE: Fundraising, Maintenance and Disciplinary Committees Sailing Week Committee: Wayne Gonsalves

Barbados Sailing Week takes place January 19-24.It is with deep regret that we find it necessary to cancel the Round the Island Competition on January 21, 2021. This is primarily due to the lack of interest owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, which brought about restrictive protocols for visiting crews. On a brighter note, the decision was also taken to proceed with the local coastal races and the other club activities during Sailing Week. Details coming soon.

One day when his beach duties were done, Beach Master Shawn caught this moment. Thanks!

Sorry we can’t do a big party this year, but the bar and deck will be open as usual. With DIY silliness, it’ll be chill anyway, so come celebrate.
Fellow Members,
Since the election on November 27, the new Committee has been busy planning the Club’s way forward for 2021.As you are aware, there are challenges ahead in the form of negotiating new contracts with our tenants and major repairs to the club’s facilities. The repairs include, but are not limited to, the replacement of the concrete floor of the deck, the cladding of the roof over the other section containing the bar, reinforcement of support columns and replacement of the wooden structure under the concrete deck as the present one is termite infested. It is imperative that these repairs take place sooner rather than later.The Committee’s goal going forward is to unite its members and enhance the membership experience. The Membership Committee, led by Penny Hynam, is mandated to introduce activities for members at the Club. In order to achieve this, space must be freed up on the upper level during the day to accommodate such activities. As you would know, it is impossible for committee members to have all the ideas and we welcome suggestions and volunteers to assist with fundraising and membership activities.I find it necessary to emphasize that to achieve harmony with each other as members of the Club, we must all conduct ourselves in a warm and friendly manner to others at the facility. Having received reports of misconduct, the Disciplinary Committee is charged with the responsibility of ensuring mutual respect between members and, if necessary, suspension of membership.I am aware of the feelings of some members during the past year and wish to reinforce that this period be put behind us, that we should embrace our members to avoid division, and look towards the future for the betterment of the Club.I take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Committee and members of staff for their work during the past year, and while I do not celebrate the festive season personally, I extend best wishes to all who do.

The start date varies between December 10 and 17. Ends January 4, 2021.
Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily, to be expanded in January

The bar and restaurant are open Wednesday to Sunday 12 pm until around 9:30 pm.
Open Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and Old Year’s Night. Closed Christmas day.
Phone 622-1943; [email protected]

Sorry we can’t do a big party this year, but the bar and deck will be open as usual. With DIY silliness, it’ll be chill anyway, so come celebrate.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021 to one and all!!!